Full Trailer for New 4K Re-Release of Dennis Hopper's 'The Last Movie'

The Last Movie

“It seems to ask: If the movies represent a dream life, then what exactly is the dream?” Arbelos Films has released a new trailer for the re-release of Dennis Hopper’s film The Last Movie, originally released in 1971. The film is getting a gorgeous 4K restoration and will be hitting theaters this month. If you haven’t heard of it before, that’s because the film has mostly been forgotten about, referred to as a “radical, much-mythologized lost masterpiece” that almost ended his career. Dennis Hopper directs and also stars as in the film as a unit wrangler named Kansas, working on a film in Peru, who quits the filmmaking world but is recruited to perform the scenes from the film for real to convince the locals. It touches upon ideas of fiction versus reality, especially in regards to cinema. Film critic Bilge Ebiri recently wrote this glowing tribute for Village Voice, imploring: “Go see The Last Movie. Then go see it again. And again.” Now is your best chance. ›››

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