Must Watch: First Trailer for Boots Riley's Crazy 'Sorry to Bother You'

Sorry to Bother You Trailer

“Stick to the script.” Annapurna has released the first trailer for Boots Riley’s insanely original, totally crazy film Sorry to Bother You, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to some wild hype and rave reviews. If you’ve been waiting to find out what the heck this is about and why everyone went nuts over it, now is your chance to get a look. This trailer reveals a lot of the film, just to say, but I still love it. Lakeith Stanfield stars as a kid in Oakland who lands a telemarketer job and learns he can use his “white voice” to make it all the way to the top of the sales world. The coke-obsessed CEO is played by Armie Hammer, and everything he goes through to get there is absurdly hilarious to watch. The cast includes Danny Glover, Tessa Thompson, Patton Oswalt, Steven Yeun, Terry Crews, David Cross, Omari Hardwick, Marcella Bragio,Tom Woodruff Jr., Kate Berlant, Jermaine Fowler, Robert Longstreet, and Teresa Navarro. There’s nothing like this film, you really have to see it and you’ll understand. Take a look. ›››

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