New Trailer for 4K Re-Release of 1979 Anti-War Doc 'The War at Home'

The War at Home Trailer

“This is Hometown, America in revolt…” Catalyst Media has debuted an official trailer for a restored 4K re-release of a classic documentary titled The War at Home, which was nominated for Best Documentary in 1980 (though it lost to Ira Wohl’s Best Boy). The film is an intimate look at the impact of the war in Vietnam on one American city, using Madison, Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin as a microcosm for the 1960s national Antiwar Movement. From Metrograph: “Stereotype-busting interviews with student activists, police, and Vietnam vets illuminate a treasure trove of rare archival film. Featuring footage from the earliest antiwar protest in 1963 to the bombing of the Army Math Research Center in 1970 to the end of the U.S. war in Vietnam, this impassioned, vital work of politically charged non-fiction is newly restored in 4K and re-released in yet another period of American political conflict and turmoil.” It looks even more affecting now. ›››

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