Official Trailer for Award Winning Documentary on Police – 'The Force'

The Force Trailer

“I don’t want bad cops here, period.” Kino Lorber has revealed the first official trailer for the documentary titled The Force, examining the police crisis in America at the moment. The film actually focuses on the police themselves, going inside an “embattled urban police department struggling to rebuild trust in one of America’s most violent yet promising cities.” The police they’re profiling is the Oakland Police Department, and the storyline in the doc follows three different threads – one about the young police chief, another about new recruits in the Academy, and another about officers in the field facing increased hostility. The Force won Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival, and won Best Bay Area Documentary at the San Francisco Film Festival. This is an excellent trailer for a doc, really pulls you in and makes you feel for what’s at stake. ›››

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