Official Trailer for Doc 'Old Man Football' About Reclaiming Past Glory

Old Man Football Trailer

“They want to see if they can ‘bring it’ now, because they couldn’t ‘bring it’ then.” How about that for a bit of honesty? Freestyle Digital Media has unveiled the official US trailer for a documentary titled Old Man Football, which premiered at a few small film festivals last year. The film is about an event in which older men and women returned to Corpus Christi (Texas) Carroll High School to play in an old vs young game and reclaim their past glory on the football field. The doc film presents “multiple stories of personal redemption” following a few various people as they return home and think about their lives back then and where they are now. It seems to be leaning a little too heavy on nostalgia, but also looks honest and heartfelt. Check it out. ›››

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