Official Trailer for Urgent Healthcare Documentary 'To Err Is Human'

To Err Is Human Trailer

“We got to change it, we got to make it better, and I think many people are working very hard to make it better.” An official trailer has debuted for an urgent, important, compelling new documentary titled To Err Is Human, made by filmmaker Mike Eisenberg (who happens to be co-host of The First Word podcast here on FS). Did you know the #3 leading cause of death in the United States is its own health care system? Misdiagnosis, doctor error, and medical mistakes like this are responsible for as many as 400,000 deaths every year. So why aren’t we doing anything about this? Well, we are, but it’s complicated. To Err Is Human examines the challenges and roadblocks involved with patient safety, but optimistically looks at the ongoing fight against preventable harm. It’s a crucial film that hopes to bring more attention to this urgent problem. ›››

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