TIFF 2018: Jimmy Chin & E. Chai Vasarhelyi's Documentary 'Free Solo'

Free Solo Review

There’s a quote in this film that sums up everything about how mind-blowing this feat is. “People who know a little bit about climbing, they’re like, ‘oh he’s totally safe.’ And then people who really know exactly what he’s doing, are freaked out.” Free Solo is the exhilarating new documentary film made by Jimmy Chin & E. Chai Vasarhelyi, the same team that made the mountain climbing doc Meru a few years ago. This time they profile an American climber named Alex Honnold, who was the first person ever to free solo climb El Capitan. Meaning he did not use any ropes or any safety gear, he just went up the rock face entirely on his own. If he made any mistake while climbing, he would be dead. But he didn’t make any mistakes, he pulled it off. Iit’s beyond incredible, a legendary feat in climbing history, which they capture on camera in this doc. ›››

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