Tye Sheridan in a Teaser Trailer for A.J. Edwards' Film 'Friday's Child'

Friday Child Trailer

“You know what we call it?” A teaser trailer has debuted online for a film titled Friday’s Child, the latest feature from filmmaker A.J. Edwards, who worked for Terrence Malick as his editor before jumping into making his own films. Tye Sheridan stars as young drifter Richie, fresh out of foster care, trying to figure out what to do with himself. He ends up on the streets involved in petty crime and meets two other people: Joan, played by Imogen Poots, and Swim, played by Caleb Landry Jones. The film’s cast also includes Jeffrey Wright and Brett Butler. This looks like a very artsy, powerfully intimate film with some very intense cinematography by DP Jeff Bierman. The score in this trailer is superb, and the footage will pull you in – for whatever you may find in here. This is a good palette cleanser from all the recent Hollywood trailers. ›››

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