Venice 2018: Brady Corbet's Intoxicating 'Vox Lux' is Bold & Brilliant

Vox Lux Review

In a world of movies about popstars and how inspiring it is to make your dreams of fame and glory come true, Vox Lux gives us the exact opposite. The second feature film made by actor Brady Corbet (of The Childhood of a Leader), Vox Lux tells the story of a young girl who quickly becomes a mega-famous popstar after an odd beginning: she survives a horrible school shooting and sings with her sister at the memorial ceremony. The song goes viral, she gets discovered by a shady manager, the rest is history. I didn’t realize that Brady Corbet was such a genius, but my goodness this film is something else. It’s extremely smart and provocative and true and shameless in its expression of this truth. It’s so brutally honest and so accurate in what it says about society, that it’s going to seriously piss people off. Either they just don’t get it, or don’t understand it, or they don’t like seeing this much searing truth presented this way. But I think it’s brilliant. ›››

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