Wild New Red Band Trailer for Joseph Kahn's 'Bodied' Rap Battle Film

Bodied Trailer

“You ready for this?” Neon + YouTube Premium have debuted a fantastic new official red band trailer for Joseph Kahn’s film Bodied, a highly acclaimed, foul-mouthed, provocative film about a young, nerdy white kid who decides to join the rap battle scene. It’s a very bold, outspoken satire about racism and the artistry in rapping, and how we need to open our eyes and gain more perspectives. Calum Worthy stars as Adam, with a cast including Anthony Michael Hall, Debra Wilson, Ryan Ochoa, Daffany McGaray Clark, Charlamagne tha God, Loaded Lux, Dizaster, Dumbfoundead, and Hollow Da Don. This comedy is produced by Eminem, with a script co-written by Toronto rapper Alex Larsen (aka Kid Twist). I saw this earlier in the year and it’s awesome; an extra loud, totally hilarious, and impressive film. Check it out below. ›››

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